The child with the ANGRY glance.

Once upon a time there was a child who spent his days on the shore of a lake.
His name was Manuel but everyone called him the child with the angry glance.
In fact he was always angry…

One day while he was playing alone on the shores of the lake, he saw two white creatures nearby, curious, he approached them. They were two white unicorns.
“Hey you! what are you doing here? ” said the little one.

One of the two unicorns replied:
“We are the creatures that live in this place”
“What do you want from me?”, said the child

The other unicorn replied: “We know that an angry child lives here … we are here to help him!

Together the two unicorns said:” The anger is in each of us, but it must be temporary, otherwise it takes away the beauty of life”

Hearing those words the child smiled at the world for the first time.