The boy with the AMAZED glance

Once upon a time there was a boy who lived where all the ground was black as the night. His name was “Stupito”, and all around him, shapes of rocks, earth, roads were covered with a dark mantle, but as soon as he looked towards the horizon … the earth, the clouds and the sky merged together to form an explosion of colors able to amaze anyone who passed through that enchanted place.

“Stupito” loved living in that place, he loved observing the amazed gaze of the wayfarers, and like them he especially loved to halt in front of the black and infinite horizon to be amazed every time.

There are many things that can cause us astonishment, such as an uncontaminated nature, like for the boy with the amazed glance, a sunset, a melody, a memory…

Because everything around us is wonderful; you just need to have a virgin glance on reality.